Building a safe plan back to ALL sports for ALL San Diego youth

We Need Your Help!

Reimagining Youth Sports Post COVID-19

As we chart an uncertain course to reopen San Diego, County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar is urgently calling on local sports leaders to come forward and assist in creating the path back to playing fields for ALL children in ALL sports - an exercise that will help get our kids back on the fields safely and as quickly as possible. 

Pandemic Impact on Sports

Local sports leaders and organizations have experienced, or are facing, layoffs, bankruptcies and facility foreclosures. Without a coalition, sports families and organizations will struggle, and a return to play will be further delayed, if not fail. 

The 2008 recession was devastating for our youth sports. 40% of youth sports clubs were lost to insolvency, and 45% of kids dropped from sports altogether creating a huge socio-economic participation imbalance. Sadly, we stand to experience a similar impact from COVID-19 if we do not take swift action. 

A Call to Action

The immediate and time-sensitive initial step of the Game On San Diego coalition will be to assist sports organizations and leagues in developing sport specific physical distancing and safety plans. These plans will be submitted to the San Diego County Public Health Officer and Governor of California to demonstrate that the sport is ready to return safely to play. An example of a completed safety plan can be found here:

If you are a board member of an organization or club sport and have interest in serving on the coalition, please click on the contact link above and submit your name, affiliated organization, contact information and sport to Supervisor Kristin Gaspar.  

It is time that we save local volunteer-driven sports organizations, youth sports facilities, and ensure that young people have access to sports in a safe environment and receive the physical, emotional and character-building benefits that organized sports provides.